5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry

5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry

5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry. At the World Automotive Conference (WAC) of 2019 which was held in Istanbul, Turkey just months ago, have succeeded in gathering a number of hopes from the visitors of the exhibition to be taken seriously by the automotive industry.   Thus, the future of the automotive industry is changing rapidly.

Starting from the traffic density, poor driving culture, lack of ideal parking spaces, and of course pollution are some complaints from consumers to name a few from the previous year.  For the 2020 automotive industry presentation, speakers at the 2019 WAC discuss their solutions.  Their main goal was to offset future trends in the automotive sector and idnplay poker, managing the challenges of the global economy, and addressing the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Hence, here are the 5 main predictions of the future trends of the automotive industry recorded during the conference:

  1. Consumer-centric

5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry

In the years ahead, automotive manufacturers must be willing and able to adapt quickly by listening to and understanding the needs of their consumers.  Thus, in 2020, the automotive trends will be heavily influenced by other sectors such as Information Technology (IT).  By the consumers’ demand in today’s industry, seeing the collaboration of the automotive industry and technology is highly requested.  So that the world’s automotive products can be filled with more environmentally friendly cars. Electric and autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and many other innovative ways.

  1. Collaboration and Partnering

5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry
Collaboration and Partnering

This Collaboration and partnership is really the key for the future of the automotive and transportation industry.  During the 2019 WAC conference discussion. To solve the problem of urban transportation, it requires partnerships between startup companies, large companies, as well as local and central government.  Thus, this collaboration might lead to unique solutions to any transportation problems experienced in every country.

  1. Data and Connectivity

5 Latest Trend in the 2020 Automotive Industry
Data and Connectivity Automotive

In terms of the concept of a car in the near future, a car owner can play the role of a driver and passenger when an autonomous car is more affordable.  Hence, connectivity plays a very important role in this concept.  Many high-speed connections must be made around the car for a safer autonomous driving experience.  Also, a high bandwidth connection is required to display a video around an autonomous vehicle in real-time.

  1. Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

The presence of an electric and autonomous car requires quite some time before they really exist and be driven massively on the highway.  However, the speakers at the 2019 WAC have assessed that the global automotive industry is very eager to produce these two types of vehicles.  The reason is, the public’s demand for vehicles that are more environmentally friendly is increasing

  1. Innovate with Agility

Last but not least, having an agile mindset is significant in the future innovation of the automotive industry.  It’s really the key to understanding consumers’ needs and a quick adaptation to the latest trend. Especially the collaboration between technology and automotive.

Therefore, consumers’ demand in various parts of the world can hit the automotive industry if not followed.  Thus, a demographic change and the demands of a new generation of consumers are driven by the emerging technologies.

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