Latest Automotive Trends in The Industry Nowadays

Top Trends in Automotive Industry That Will Soon Become Standards

Latest Automotive Trends in The Industry Nowadays. Since the era of Henry Ford manufacturing many years back, automotive industry is experiencing many transformation to create a new trend. The alteration is affected not only by technological changes but also by social changes in the society. The latest automotive trends will be more like about individualized, accessibility, mobility solution that becomes more flexible.

Thinking and Talking Supercomputer Cars

Top Trends in Automotive Industry That Will Soon Become Standards
Sport Cars

One of the basic changes for the latest trends in automotive is the cars’ ability to talk and think. The supercomputer that is embedded in the cars will change your vehicles into smart machine that will communicate effectively with the traffic infrastructure. This way, your car may be able to suggest you the best speed and route to reach your destination faster. Latest Automotive Trends in The Industry Nowadays.

Innovative software will be invented to make more drivers safe while riding on the road by avoiding collisions. This software also give car diagnostics whenever it goes wrong. You can also send the emergency notifications right away to the authority. Overall, the latest trends in automotive industry will talk about vehicle – to – everything technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Top Trends in Automotive Industry That Will Soon Become Standards
Autonomous Vehicles

Although autonomous vehicles have not been widely used in the automotive industry nowadays, but many automotive manufacturers consider to invest in this high potential automotive technology. Self – driving technology value in automotive industry in 2019 were worth $54 billion while the global market is projected to go up by 2026 to $556.67 billion.

If self – driving technology will be really a hit in the next few years, then machine learning and AI are the expertise that world will require deeply. One of popular automotive manufacturers that has worked toward autonomous vehicles is Toyota. This company has associated with Nvidia to develop a self – driving technology.

Friendlier for Environment

Top Trends in Automotive Industry That Will Soon Become Standards

Environmentally friendly

The global awareness toward the crucial environment condition of the world has been increased so high lately. Now more people from are prefer to use environmentally friendly electric cars as well as hybrid electric cars than the old technology. The electric vehicles (EVs) numbers on the road were increasing to more than 5.6 million in 2019. The numbers were higher compare to that in 2018.

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Talking about electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturer. Then Tesla still come as the winner until now. But, we need to realize that applying electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid electric cars is no use if we still utilize coal plants to produce the energy. It is like shifting the emissions to another part.

Industry 4.0 Disruption

The new era of industry called as Industrial Revolution 4.0 is not only bringing happiness to the world such as cost – effectiveness and more simplicity, but also create disruption in several manufacturers. If the automotive industry is able to adapt in this new situation and take the advantage of industry 4.0. This era will increase their productivity by consuming more time and effort.

One of the new technologies that have been widely used is 3D Printing. Many automotive industry nowadays utilize 3D Printing technology to innovate the product. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence technology also increases the manufacturing productivity in automotive industry.

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