Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know

Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know

Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know. The development of automotive industry has always been fast paced especially when it comes to new innovations in technology. The vehicle that we know functionally now connected with many modernized features such as internet of things (IoT). Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data computing. That is why in 2020, automotive trends would be dominated by the intense of technology development. If you love to follow about the latest automotive trends, here are the top 5 latest automotive trends in 2020

  1. Self-driving Vehicle Mode

Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Self-driving Vehicle Mode

The surfacing automotive technology is finally leading the making of a safe self-driving vehicle mode. The idea that only exists in movies and novelty are going to be brough to reality. By using a sturdy backup that connects both the device and vehicle will play the most important role of mobility-on-demands solution. This will be connected by using technical components such as GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G connections to make the best self-driving mode the futuristic vehicle.

  1. Electric Vehicle

Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Electric Vehicle

This Electric vehicle has been quite known for the past years, but in 2020 it will be more promoted quite often as a lot of start-up companies are doing their market research regarding the electric vehicle industry. Some company such as Audi, BMW. Chevrolet have already released some of their electric vehicle units to the public and got a lot of positive responses from the market.

  1. Connectivity

Top 5 Latest Automotive Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Smart Car

The biggest automotive demands from consumer is to equip every car with Wifi and connectivity tools. This connectivity tools are including the GPS, access to internet, digital music and other mobile applications while driving. By adding these, the vehicle can accumulate a vast data of destination routes, drivers, favored track music, accommodations, and many more that could help the drivers on their way.

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  1. Vehicle Health Application

Not only the auto trends such as iris and face recognition. The automotive industry has also developed an application that can track the driver’s condition. With this application, the driver will be alerted if they are exhausted. In no condition to drive and need to take a break. The application also can also track the condition of the vehicle that you used that will show the car engine data as well as the review of its performance. The application is developed by iotasmart and has already been released to the public.

  1. The Optimization of Supply Chain

The latest trend of automobile industry is the use of auto ERP software that function is to make the communication between you. The number of vendors as well as other users easier. This process is done by using through the electronic data interchange (EDI). By using this program, you can improve the supply accuracy. As well as reducing the wastage materials and do some manufacturing. This program can also identify which vendors are supplying the materials you need.

That is all about the top 5 latest automotive trends in 2020. Over all 2020 will be a year of improvement for both products and services. It will be a year driven with new inventions as well as developments of the modernization and future in the automotive industry.

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