Top 5 Lighting Design Trends In 2020 You Should Know

Top 5 Lighting Design Trends In 2020 You Should Know. The 2020 has already started and the trends of lighting design must be shifted to a new era. For you who love the best lighting design for your room and not only want it functionally, we have listed top 5 lighting design trends in 2020 that are focusing on the exclusive lighting with different form and materials but still keeping it minimalist. Here are those top 5 lists:

  1. Geometric Shape Design

Top 5 Lighting Design Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Geometric Shape Design

This Geometric shape has become the muse of interior world nowadays, including in the lighting design. Not only on wallpapers, curtains and luxury furniture, now many lighting designs also use this shape. It is usually used by defining a clean line in the lighting design with minimal decoration. By using some sleek materials such as metal and form it into sharp angles.

  1. Organic Material Lighting Design

Top 5 Lighting Design Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Organic Material Lighting Design

With so many organic campaigns lately. It is not impossible for lighting design to use organic material as its main component. Nowadays many lighting designs use the material such as wood, roots, marble, and many more that is mixed with lush linen shades. It gives a modern simplicity vibe to your room and make it more vibrant.

  1. No More Glossy Design

Top 5 Lighting Design Trends In 2020 You Should Know
Glossy Design

The era of glossy design seems to be over this year. This year the lighting design is focusing on soft finishes that dominated by color such as black matte, soft gold, brushed bronze, and many colors that are less glossy but that doesn’t mean that shiny gold has gone and over, they are just being used less.

  1. The Color Schemes and Biophilia

The trend of 2020 is the combination between monochrome and gold. The most used monochrome colors are black and white which added to bring an air of subtlety while maintaining the glamour of the main color of the lighting, which is soft color. In addition, biophilia or plants lighting design has become a new aesthetic. The shapes of the lighting mean to bring a refreshing greens vibe to your home. It has been a thing for other décors in a form of fabrics, wallpapers, and furniture and slowly in 2020. It has invaded the trend of lighting as well with quirky design in a form of pendants, chandelier and intriguing lighting schemes.

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  1. Wireless Lighting Design

In 2020, many lighting brands has applied the wireless lighting technology to create a new solution for lighting that can be easily moved and applied everywhere and the design  won’t be anti-aesthetic because of the long wires. One of the designers who has done this campaign is designer Matteo Thun from Italy. He has launched his new lighting design named Tunbino and Firefly in the sky that are embracing the wireless philosophy as well as reducing the lighting shapes and focusing more on its technological feature.

Those all the list of the top 5 lighting designs trends in 2020. Is one of your trend predictions made it into the list? If it does, don’t be shy to give us some feedbacks about your favorite 2020 lighting design trends below!

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