Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger

Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger

Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger. For small houses, lighting gives the greatest impact on interior design. The right lighting can change the perspective of living in a small space. Lighting source in these days does not necessarily mean conventional lighting such as pendant, chandeliers, and so on. Choosing the right lighting to make a small space look bigger is challenging. There are lots of things to consider when choosing to light for small space, for example, color scheme, lighting design, lighting arrangement, and such. Here are some lighting design ideas to create a bigger space impression for small rooms.

Choose Compact Lighting Fixture

Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger
Compact Lighting Fixture

A huge lighting fixture makes a small room look cramp and crowded. It takes so much space and somehow makes the room looks narrow. The smart trick to use in small rooms is to use a small lighting fixture. A small lighting fixture saves more space without losing its functions. If you like chandelier-like lighting or hanging lamp, you can choose slender pendants. However, for a small room, flush lighting fixture definitely would do the job well.

Track Lighting for Support

Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger
Lighting in Living Room

In case you need further lighting in small spaces, you can support the ceiling with track lighting. This type of lighting takes a little space but still provides sufficient light. The track lighting is perfect for houses or rooms with a low ceiling. Besides, track lighting can also be adjusted to light even in the dark corner of the room and making them very practical.

Lighting Inside Shelves and Backlighting

Top Lighting Design that Makes Small Rooms Looks Bigger
Lighting Inside Shelves and Backlighting in Living Room

The dark corner makes the room looks cramp and narrow. Sometimes dark corners can be found at the intersection of walls. This means inside bookcases, wardrobes, below shelves as well as kitchen cabinets. You can use lighting such as LED strips to light up these dark spaces. Adjust the angles and the position of the track light to artistically illuminate the dark side of the bookshelves.

Another option to eliminate darkness behind furniture is to use backlighting. It does not magically light up space, but backlighting provides a sense of extra depth. Besides light up dark space, backlighting makes the room look elegant. Backlighting can be placed behind bed headboards, TV, mirrors, and so on.

Choose Recessed Lights

Recessed light is also a smart lighting design idea for a small house. This type of lighting is installed in the ceiling which shapes like a hole. Recessed light makes the ceiling look clean and spotless and most importantly it makes the room look spacious. The recessed lighting is also very popular because it makes the house looks elegant and modern.

Combine more Than One Lighting Fixture

Combining more than one lighting fixture is also important to make a a variation in the house. You can combine some lighting design such as floor lighting, recessed lighting, and wall lighting. The right choice of lighting design can provide enough light in the room. However, if you are not sure yet you can choose the simple lighting fixture style. Simple and small lighting helps to make the room look spacious. Plus, make sure that you choose the right shade of bulb to enhance the aesthetic of the house.

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